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Make a Donation

Your contribution can make a difference- $1 provides basic medicines for 1 person for 1 year!

$1 Buys enough paracetamol (acetaminophen) to relieve 100 headaches or fevers

$10 Buys 1000 doses of captopril, to treat a patient with high blood pressure for 1 year.

$50 Buys enough Ciprofloxacin to cure 100 patients with pneumonia, diarrhoea, abcesses or urinary infection OR enough contraceptives for 10 women for a year OR 1500 condoms- HIV prevention currently stumbles on shortages of condoms which are normally available free of charge at the hospital, and 10% of Islanders are infected with HIV.

$1,500 Refurbishes the store room for 1 outlying clinic (locks, iron bars on windows, shelves, air conditioning). We still need to equip 5 outlying clinics: French harbour, 2 in Guanaja and 2 in Utila

$2,500 Provides medicines for 1 month and 2,500 patients at the Roatan public hospital

$10,000 Provides medicines for one of the outlying clinics for 1 year

$20,000 Provides women’s health medicines for 1 year- including: contraception, condoms, treatments for gynaecological infections, urinary infections, multivitamins, folic acid etc…

$60,000 Covers the needs in basic medicines for the Bay Islands for 1 year

To make a donation, please contact us directly at susieebanks@gmail.com

On behalf of Bay Islanders, Thank you!




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